Xplornet Internet Services

With over 250,000 subscribers, Xplornet Internet Service is the largest rural broadband provider in Canada.  Using the latest in Satellite and Fixed Wireless Technology, Xplornet can provide fast, reliable Internet service to your location.

Xplornet LTE Internet


Xplornet WiMax Internet & Xplornet LTE Internet

Xplornet has one of the largest fixed wireless Internet footprints in Canada, and services over 250,000 customers. Coverage is available in a large percentage of all provinces.  In Alberta, Reality Bytes provides installation and service work on the Xplornet network from Central Alberta all the way down to the USA border.  Our engineers were integral in the design and built out of the Xplornet WiMax network (formerly Figment Communications) and now service all available platforms (WiMax, LTE, and legacy equipment)

Xplornet Rural Satellite Internet



The Xplornet 4G satellite launched in early 2012 has high bandwidth capacity and can provide you with a consistent connection that has no speed throttling like the previous generation of satellite systems.  Since Q4 2014 Xplornet is able to offer 10Mbps speeds via Xplornet Satellite to customers ANYWHERE in Canada!

Coming soon in early 2017 - Xplornet next gen satellite Internet, capable of 25Mbps and beyond.  Ask us for more information.


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