Server & Network Systems Design

Whether an on premises server solution, one hosted in our data centers, or a cloud based server solution, Reality Bytes is your partner of choice for server solutions.


For many companies today, the server is the core component of their network, and their business.  Reality Bytes can provide a custom tailored solution that fits your requirements perfectly.



Why Lenovo for your next server?

We constantly do research on hardware and software solutions and re-evaluate on a monthly basis.  For several years, we have identified Lenovo as the clear choice for your server needs.  With their recent acquisition of IBM's computing and server division they bring the hardware technology, support, and rapid warranty programs of one of the world's most respected companies.




Our forte is network design, installation and management.  A rock solid network & server solution is essential to business success in today's digital world.


Basic and very advanced

Our technicians have vast networking knowledge in wired & wireless solutions.


We specialized in Mikrotik, a creator of networking operating systems & networking hardware that has very advanced features.  Using a Mikrotik solution, we can literally create ANY type of networking configuration to suite your business's specific needs.

Specific areas of specialization:

  • PPPoE servers & setups
  • VLAN or virtual LAN
  • IPv4 queue control and traffic prioritization
  • Advanced firewall capabilities, such as layer 7 filtering
  • RADIUS server configuration
  • OSPF routing
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies
  • DHCP servers
  • filtering by network MAC address
  • Load balancing or ISP failover configurations


If you have a concept or idea of what you want to do, we would be happy to design & build this for your company.

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