24/7 Help Desk Services Scope of Work


This document specifies the scope of the services delivered to our clients by Reality Bytes HELP DESK Services Team.  HELP DESK services are part of our Managed IT Services platform.

We understand that Small to Medium businesses have unique software applications they use to run their businesses.  We have over 15 years’ experience working with SMBs and we pride ourselves on being able to understand their needs.

We hire level 2 & 3 desktop engineers that answer the phone and fix the problem on the first call the vast majority of the time.  We provide support for multi-vendor client systems and installation, moves, changes, desk-side support & software support.  We also provide permission-based remote control of PCs with ability to regain control of the PC at any time.  We act as your primary in-house IT department, providing vendor liaison services

Our HELP DESK team is located 100% in Canada.  The client management team is located in Drumheller, Calgary, Vancouver, & Toronto.

We have developed an extensive knowledge base that allows us to quickly identify and deliver fixes for a wide variety of issues. Our staff receives ongoing training and is active in pursuing continued professional development to stay abreast of the latest technical issues and resolution strategies. This creates a level of expertise not normally found in even a large corporate helpdesk much less a small business helpdesk.


The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the services delivered by Reality Bytes for HELP DESK Services. As a requirement to start services, this document must be signed by the client to serve as an agreement for the scope and deliverables of the services under the Reality Bytes HELP DESK service.


This document specifies the scope and schedule of the services delivered to the end customer: detailing services provided for the users of this service and the delivery schedule under the HELP DESK package.

Any items not explicitly covered within this document are considered out-of-scope.

HELP DESK includes:

  • Workstation/Laptop/Hand Held Hardware Support. (Corporate only or Home use if required for Corporate access)
  • Windows based Workstation/Laptop
  • Apple Based Workstation/Laptop (OS's Supported: Apple OSX all flavours)
  • Mobile/Handheld devices (Mobile OS's Supported: Apple IOS 6+, Android Kitkat+, Blackberry OS7 +)
  • Account disabling/User password resets
  • Printing / Network connectivity Support
  • Wi-fi Client setup (Internet Connectivity Only)
  • Core application support, Microsoft, Adobe
  • Email Client (Outlook /Outlook Express/Windows Mail, MAC Mail)
  • Microsoft Office Standard Suite. (Office 2007+)
  • Office 365
  • Software/application-related incidents on Microsoft or Apple system
  • Printer-related problems such as mapping, drivers and connectivity
  • Incidents related to network connectivity
  • Server based Password resets (Documentation, access, and approval process required)
  • Spyware or virus cleaning from PCs (Single PC’s only as reported by a user)
  • Multiple escalation paths dependent on impact and severity
  • Changes to multiple machines that can be accomplished in a single task. ie: Term services or global profile update
  • Google Apps and Google Chrome

Note: This scope of work is subject to change and modification as needed and without notice.


RBI HELP DESK will only reset passwords for the user account of the user making the request, or a generic account used by that particular user for access (Example: accounting1 is the username they use). Reality Bytes helpdesk will create Active Directory or other LDAP users for corporate use up to and including the following limitations.

We will perform the following tasks only if appropriate approval has been provided during onboarding with our client.

  • Create User Account in Main database (Active Directory or other LDAP system)
  • Create corresponding email account with existing product or through a cloud based offering (Hosted Exchange)
  • Create and configure SPAM filtering for the account if applicable.
  • Requests past these steps will be escalated to the Reality Bytes LEVEL 2 Team for completion or if the information required for these initial setups has not been provided.



NEW software installations will only be completed for software that is on a supplied pre-approved list or has been approved via escalation path. The reason for this is that installation of new software (even though it might be business related) might interfere with existing software. Additionally, a regular end user may not have the authority to make the decision install software on a computer. It will also fall upon the level 2 (escalations) team to provide install media paths or hard copy locations, all required licensing. (as per onboarding requirements)




  • Supported Microsoft: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Supported Apple OS: OSX all flavors
  • Installing hardware drivers for Windows
  • Configuring Internet, network connections and Windows mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail
  • Troubleshooting and fixing error messages in Windows
  • Scanning and removing viruses, malware or spyware
  • Printing / Network connectivity support
  • Wi-fi Client setup (Internet Connectivity only)
  • Core application support, Microsoft, Adobe & Symantec.
  • Email Client (Outlook /Entourage/Windows Mail/Thunderbird). Microsoft Office Standard Suite.
  • Office 365
  • Open Office
  • Software/application-related incidents on Microsoft or Macintosh system
  • Printer-related problems such as mapping, drivers and connectivity
  • Google Apps and Google Chrome



  • Application Support (Best Effort)
  • Data Synchronization
  • Device Activation and Account Setup
  • Device Features and Settings
  • Active Sync/HotSync/Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Software/App Installation
  • Hardware troubleshooting




Adobe Acrobat

Mac Safari

Microsoft PowerPoint

Citrix ICA Clients for Windows

Reality Bytes Managed AV PRO/ McAfee/Kaspersky/Avast/AVG/Trend Micro

Microsoft Publisher

Firefox Browser

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Visio

Google Apps for Work

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Google Chrome

Microsoft Entourage

Mozilla Thunderbird

IBM Lotus Notes Client

Microsoft MapPoint

Open Office

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Office 365

Symantec PC Anywhere

Mac Mail

Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8, Windows 10, Apple OSX (All Variants)



The RBI Helpdesk team will act as your primary single source (vendor liaison) for application support.  Specific software for your industry or business is fully supported via vendor liason agreement, however in order to provide the best customer service we recommend a valid support agreement with the vendor (where applicable).


SAP / VADIM / GIS software – we will contact the vendor for advanced support and act on your behalf to determine root causes, resolve, and document the resolution.