Highly effective mobile management

With it's scalable, easy-to-configure and easy-to-manage features - via one pane of glass - our Reality Bytes' MDM tool offers the best solution out there for managing your mobile security and management needs:

  • Protects against device loss and theft
  • Tracks devices
  • Empowers BYOD employees - staff work quicker, more efficiently, more effectively and flexibly through devices of their choice, accessing company systems and data securely
  • Enables cost control with asset visibility and expense management
  • Doesn't compromise productivity or privacy for either your staff or the company assets


What it means for you

  • Harness the huge shift towards mobile
  • Reality Bytes is your one-stop shop for ALL your needs (server / desktops / mobile)
  • Quicker, automated set-up and maintenance of mobile fleet – meaning efficiency, profit and reduced risk


One complete solution

  • Tracking of mobile devices
  • Device lock, wipe and reset
  • Pin control and automated configuration
  • Works across a range of mobile devices – iOS and Android



Our MDM capability is built in to the Reality Bytes Management system

a very easy, smooth, painless addition to your services. Via one pane of glass we can manage all your servers, workstations, and now also mobile devices


With the large shift to mobile devices and the BYOD trend, mobile device management is now a crucial part of the overall IT perspective for your business.  Our MDM services are designed to work with both company owned, and also BYOD type styles, or a combination of both. 

John Shoff - owner of Reality Bytes


 At Reality Bytes, we know that company data is one of the most crucial assets of your business.  Without a tool such as the Reality Bytes MDM system, there is no way to accurately track and secure the company data on all your staff devices such as tablets, phones, and PDAs.

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