eMail - the Internet KING

Email is the primary activity among internet users of all ages. It is the lingua franca of the Internet. And we're not seeing the much ballyhooed channel cannibalization. To the contrary, as mobile and social platforms gain popularity, we're seeing an increase in email usage.

How dominant is email? Here are some stats to use at your next cocktail party:email dominance

  • 94% of US Internet users have sent or read email.
  • Email is the preferred method of commercial communication for nearly 75% of adults.
  • If email were a country, its 1.4 billion users would make it the largest in the world. Bigger than China, bigger than the populations of the USA and European Union combined.
  • Approx 247 billion emails are sent each day. That's one email every 0.00000035 of a second.
  • 62% of US Internet users send or read email on a given day.
  • Email is the top mobile Internet activity. The average mobile user spends 25 minutes, or 41%, of every hour using email, a very high number considering that not all mobile devices support email.


The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from nearly 3.9 billion accounts in 2013 to over 4.9 billion accounts by the end of 2017. This represents an average annual growth rate of about 6% over the next four years.

Email remains the go-to form of communication in the Business world. In 2013, Business email accounts totalled 929 million mailboxes. This figure is expected grow at an average annual growth rate of about 5% over the next four years, and reach over 1.1 billion by the end of 2017.

The majority of Business email accounts are currently deployed on-premises, however cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Enterprise Apps are becoming popular and are expected to increase.



Why Managed eMail from Reality Bytes?

Because your email services are so critical, you want to ensure your clients can reach you, and you can reach them.  Our managed email platform provides several important key features that your business needs today, and beyond.


We provide a secure, offsite firewall between your existing email server (on premises) and the Internet.  All email traffic is directed to our servers where we strip away approx 70% of it in the form of SPAM mail, viruses, and malware.  The cleaned email that gets through our filter is then delivered to your server on site, where it is then delivered to your inbox.

Likewise, your outbound mail travels the same path, ensuring that even if your systems are compromised, no malicious email will leave your organization and get past our firewalls.

email traffic examples

As you can see from the above example graphic taken from one of our firewall servers, a very large majority of email traffic inbound to your on site mail server is SPAM. 


Human Resource Efficiency

Because we sort through the majority of the SPAM mail for you, the time taken by your staff on a daily basis to navigate their inbox decreases.  On average in our testing this equates to a savings of over $400 per month! (Note: Numbers based on an employee spending on average five seconds in identifying and deleting a spam from the Inbox and getting paid $25.00 per hour.)


Technology Resource Efficiency

Because we process this large amount of data BEFORE it ever hits your servers, there is a large reduction in workload on the mail server in your organization.  This equates to savings in hardware failures, power, and CPU processing time.  In our testing we have found for an average company this equates to a significant saving as well.

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