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Our network is fully routed with automatic redundancy using OSPF routing technology.  Battery backups provide reliable power to all our sites.  Our head end is protected with automatic natural gas driven power generation.  Select areas have redundant tower sites in the event of tower failure.


We maintain a super-fast fiber optic internet gateway that connects you to the world.  Our speeds are scalable to your needs.  Certain packages are full duplex capable as well.  Custom tailored packages are available.


All BYTEsurfer network connections are encrypted using 128bit or higher security.  Multiple sites can be secured using VLAN technology, and secure VPN connections.


Packages and Service Plans

Business Service

Enjoy reliable service at your office using BYTEsurfer Business plans.  In today’s work environment we know that you are working often remotely, and using services hosted in the cloud.  That’s why our business packages offer very high upload speeds, and all come with static, fully routable IP addresses with no inbound port blocking.


BYTEsurfer AirOptic Business

The NEW AirOptic network is capable of speeds similar to that of fiber optic networks found in large urban areas.  BYTEsurfer AirOptic is a phenomenal jump in Internet technology for our valued customers.


BYTEsurfer 4G Business

In select areas where AirOptic is not currently available, BYTEsurfer 4G provides rock solid Internet for your business.


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