BYTEphone Digital Home Phone

BYTEphone Digital Phone

Crystal Clear Audio

Enjoy call quality so good, you’ll think you were in the same room.  Our network is now fully optimized for voice traffic prioritization at each tower site, and head end location.  Enjoy the best call quality using g.711 or g.729 compression.


Fax and data over IP

Still using fax technology? We can accommodate your needs and provide digital lines capable of fax service.  Most data over analog services are also compatible.


Enjoy tons of FREE calling features

Voicemail, Call waiting, Call Name and Number Display, Call forwarding, 3 Way Calling, Enhanced Voicemail to Email, Call Blocking, Forward on busy, Forward on no answer, all included with any of our packages.


Fantastic Long Distance Rates

Our line services all come with UNLIMITED long distance, anywhere in North America.  Calling to Europe or Asia? We have packages for any country on the globe.


Business Services

Our lines are compatible with your existing telephone systems, or we can provide you with a completely new system (purchased or hosted PBX).

SIP line packages are available from 3 up to 1000 lines

Multiple DIDs, have a direct line to your desk for preferred clients


Residential Services

Single line service for home offers rates unmatched by the competition. Use our service in conjunction with your mobile phones and save a ton on long distance and calling minutes.


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