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Business Telephone Systems

Working and reliable phones are the lifeblood of any business.  With a complete Telephone system from Reality Bytes, you can run your business from anywhere on the planet, and sound like a Fortune 500 company, all for a surprisingly low cost!!


Working from home? or a remote location?

We can build your system with remote sets that are tied into the main office network.  Your remote workers have all the functionality of someone in the office, the ability to transfer calls to other users in a different building, and full voicemail, call routing, and many other features.


Advanced Business Phones

Auto attendant systems are an excellent way to serve your customers when you cannot get to the phones, or are already on other lines.  Call routing & find features allow a caller to be directed to off premise extensions, other locations, or even your cell phone.  Advanced voicemail allows you to route all your voicemail into your computer's inbox so you only have to check one place.

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