Why You NEED Patch Management

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One of the most important aspects of using computers to run your business is to ensure that they are safe and secure, that your data is secured, and threats caused by having computers connected to the Internet are minimized.

With the current outbreak of yet another RansomWare threat this past week, it is even more important to ensure your systems are protected, and you have very solid backups in place. Over the next several weeks I will go over steps you can do to ensure your systems are safe, and if you miss a week you can always catch up with tech talk episodes on our website at realitybytesinc.com. 

This week we are going to talk about patch management. Having all your software completely patched and up to date is one very important aspect of securing your computers from threats. There are often weekly or even daily patches for software such as your operating system, commonly used programs such as adobe acrobat, or java, and of course your virus and malware protection which usually updates every few hours. Keeping all these systems up to date manually is possible, but likely requires about 15 minutes per machine, per day. This can add up fast, and let's face it, if you have to do this work manually, it just will never get done. Running systems with out of date patches WILL result in a system being compromised. That's why we recommend a patch management system that can scan your systems for what versions of software are installed, schedule patches on a time schedule of your choice, and ensure those patches are installed. There are several options for patch management software, but I recommend using something that is very comprehensive so that it encompasses ALL your software in the organization, not just a few of them. Tune in next week and we'll talk further about steps you can take to secure your systems & protect your data.

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