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Windows 10 at a glance - Microsoft's Dark Horse?

Windows 10 at a glance - Microsoft's Dark Horse?

Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Dark Horse?


Let’s get down to it – Microsoft has never, ever made upgrading to a new Operating System an easy task. Historically, the myriad customisations, options, and tools that you were required to opt in or out of quickly caused the upgrade process to become complex and tedious.


Windows 8 was a particularly vivid example of how Microsoft failed their consumers in creating usability within their workflows.


But with Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest flagship, that’s all changed.


 Say hello to the smooth, sleek, and minimalist look of Windows.


And no, your eyes do not deceive you. Win10 is a multi-platform OS, with future releases slated for the XBOX One and Cellular Devices. Your operating environment will soon be at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world, thanks to Microsoft’s cloud solutions that tie in neatly with Windows 10.


If you’re a Windows phone user, Microsoft has something up their sleeve just for you. This is Continuum, which will allow you to connect your smartphone to a screen, mouse, and keyboard, and use your device as you would a computer.



  Striking the balance: Windows 10 offers features from both windows 7 and Windows 10

 With Windows 10, you’re no longer limited to the keyboard and mouse driven interface of years past. The new operating system opens up new methods of interaction, sweeping away the clunky and often intrusive touch interface of the much maligned Windows 8 OS. Now, your workflows can be powered by your voice, a stylus, touch, or the traditional keyboard and mouse.


Universal Apps

In keeping with the multi-platform approach that Microsoft has taken with Windows 10, they have also unveiled the Universal App Platform – a system that adapts a program’s interface as you shrink it down.


Below is the Music app changing as a user shrinks the interface.















This is a particularly great feature within Windows 10 – Microsoft’s focus has shifted heavily towards usability after the chaos and embarrassment of Windows 8. Utilising desktop space in the most efficient, clutter-free way is easier than ever, allowing users to effectively manage task switching; and for users who prefer to break their work up into projects, Windows 10 makes it possible to switch between virtual desktops. Losing programs and tabs is soon to be a thing of the past. 

Efficiency seems to be the #1 priority for Windows 10, and this neatly leads me to talk about Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent assistant, rolled out to rival the likes of Siri.

Cortana is smart. REALLY smart. With a few tweaks in the settings, she can learn about almost any aspect of your life. You can allow Cortana from your search results too - for instance, if you regularly search Alberta politics, Cortana will display pertinent updates in the "at a glance" pane. You can set up your own interest categories too - finance, stocks, restaurants, traffic, flights, reminders - the sky's the limit.














Cortana also comes with a few easter eggs. Asking her to “Open the pod bay doors.” Elicits the famed response “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” From the cult hit “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

She’s responsive to voice commands, such as “Find pictures of Windows 10 from 2015.” With this request, Cortana will search your hard drive for those pictures and display them to you, a process taking seconds rather than minutes or longer.


This is just a brief insight into some of the features of Windows 10 - If you want to get this awesome operating system on your computer, give Reality Bytes a call - (403)823-2983.

If you bought your machine from us, or have a service contract through us, we'll upgrade your machine for free. If you bought it from elsewhere, we'll charge you $25 and get the upgrade done, hassle free. All your drivers will be updated, and we'll make sure your machine is good to go!


Stay tuned for more posts on the features within Windows 10.


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