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WiGig - Welcome to the world of gigabit WiFI


WiGig is a new WiFi standard that was developed by the WiFi Alliance.  WiGig, like all WiFi technologies falls into the IEEE standards code of 802.11ad. WiGig is specifically designed to operate in the 60Ghz RF space, significantly higher frequency than standard WiFi that we all use and love which operates at either 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz.

WiGig will NOT replace your existing WiFi setup, but will definitely work we in conjunction with it.  Because of the extremely high frequency, the RF waves are much more susceptible to distance and physical object limitations.  For this reason, the WiGig technology is not a good fit for a home or business WiFi solution.


So what IS it good for!?

Eliminating cables on your desk!  WiGig works extremely well at short ranges (up to 30ft).  In the very near future, WiGig docking stations will become common place from most manufacturers.  This will allow you to connect multiple monitors, printers, USB devices, and other peripherals (things that STAY at your desk) wirelessly to your laptop and you sit down at your desk.

One of the frustration points by current technology is that it becomes cumbersome to use your laptop as a full desktop replacement.  It's really nice to just sit down at your office space and not have to plug and unplug a myriad of various cables to link you laptop up to a second or third larger screen, full keyboard, and desktop mouse.  In theory it seems easy enough, but in practice I find within a few weeks people become frustrated with the task of doing this.

WiGig eliminates this problem.  The WiGig standard will automatically detect when your laptop is in range of your desk, and will auto switch on all your devices and peripherals.  Simple, fast, and easy!  Something we all love.

For more information on the WiFi Alliance and WiFi technologies, check out their website at http://www.wi-fi.org/




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