What does the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release mean to me?

What does the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release mean to me?
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If you haven't already heard, WikiLeaks has released close to 8000 documents and web pages from the CIA. 

To summarize what was released, these documents provide proof that the CIA and other allied intelligence agencies have the ability to spy on you via your computer, your tablet, smartphone, and even in some cases your television if it's a Samsung smart TV. 

According to WikiLeaks the information given out is only a small sample of what they have, however they are contacting the manufacturers directly to give them more detailed information so that they can secure their products and software prior to releasing any more information to the general public. 

In what is probably the most concerning portion of the information, it is mentioned that these intelligence agencies have managed to create back door access to both Apple's IOS operating system and Google's Android operating system, meaning that 99% of the smartphones and tablets in use are susceptible to intrusion, even if they are using an encryption system as they have access to the device before the encryption happens… 

Obviously this is a HUGE news story, and it is still developing, however if you have questions regarding your specific devices, or computer security in general, we have experts in this area that can assist and answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact Reality Bytes anytime…

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