The SmartPhone - Redesigned. The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Series SmartPhone

The SmartPhone - Redesigned.  The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Series SmartPhone

Samsung has changed the game with the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones, launched this week.

The new Galaxy S8 is the latest edition of the extremely popular Galaxy S series of premium Smartphone.

Samsung has taken things to the next level, by changing the standard phone design, and removing the entire bezel or border of the phone.This means the screen is MUCH bigger yet the phone is the exact same physical size.

In addition to the beautiful new screen, the design implements a curved screen design that blends the screen right around to the very edges of the device.

Security is also improved, with a finger print scanner now on the back of the device, and also a retina scanner that allows you to unlock you phone just by looking at it.

The package also comes with high end harmon kardon earbuds, and for launch, you get a free Samsung virtual reality headset, the Gear VR.

On the app side of things, the new Galaxy comes pre-loaded with Samsung Bixby, a new voice controlled AI system, Samsung Pay, a new way to pay by using just your phone, and Samsung Connect, the new app that connects all your IOT devices in your home such as lighting, door locks, and cameras.

All in all the new Samsung Galaxy line is quite an amazing jump, that leaves all the other vendors in the dust.This is going to be a great year for smartphones!!

(Photo Credits to Android Central)

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