The Importance of Security Patches

The Importance of Security Patches

Wikileaks has released more documents as part of their Vault7 data dump release of documents taken from the CIA. This new group of documents includes information on many different hacker utilities that the CIA had access to for gaining access to a iPhone or Mac laptop.

Two important things are the big take away from this.

1.     Apple, like most of the big tech companies, takes security on their devices very seriously.They have patched their operating systems as fast as possible when a vulnerability or exploit has been found.

2.     Apple has analyzed the information from the Wikileaks release and has stated that all of these vulnerabilities were patched in the last few years, so they are no longer a threat provided you have an up to date system.

This new release by Wikileaks even further underscores the need for proper security patch management.You need to ensure that your systems are fully patched and up to date to prevent threats from hackers or script vulnerabilities that exist.

If you run a business that has multiple computers it can be extremely time consuming to sit at each individual machine and check to ensure all the operating system patches as well as third party software patches are up to date.

At Reality Bytes we have developed a patch management system that allows you to view all your computer systems from one console, and automates the installation and management of all security patches, both for the operating system and 3rd party patches such as adobe acrobat or hundreds of others.

It's a huge time saver, which translates into cost savings for your business.

For more information feel free to contact us anytime.

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