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Business Portability from Reality Bytes: Managed Virtual Private Networks

One of the biggest struggles faced by small businesses is one of data management. Their data is the very life-blood of their business, and they need it stored in a way that is both secure, but also easily accessible. While there are many consumer-grade solutions to this struggle, the market is a minefield – solutions offered to a consumer simply are not secure or reliable enough to be used in a business environment, and using them poses serious threats to data security.


To that end, we have developed a new type of VPN solution that can be used across any type of internet connection (outside of the office).


What is a VPN? In short a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure method of accessing your network and networked devices, over an internet connection - without being physically present in the building where they are located.


Traditional VPN solutions have been plagued with complications, often due to the secure connection being blocked while being used on systems such as a public WiFi system in Starbucks, or at an airport. Our managed VPN system does not face these issues. All communication is secured under the same standards used by banks around the world (1024bit SSL encryption). As a result, our connections will never be blocked, regardless of what type of Internet access you’re connecting through.

Using the VPN platform opens your office up to the world – you no longer need to be tied to a cubicle or a physical building in order to work and collaborate with your colleagues. You can even print, email, and access any file on the network.

Roaming and Remote users will never drop out of sync with your corporate IT policy again – all updates to group policy apply as if they were right there in the office.

All your data is encrypted, so activities such as online banking, payments, or money transfers can be completed in peace of mind.  Within a few seconds you can connect to your corporate VPN and then be able to perform tasks such as online banking from a public WiFi without the risk of someone tapping into your connection.

If you’re a business who utilizes server technology in your day-to-day running activities, we can implement a Managed VPN for you today!

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