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Protect your tech this Christmas with Reality Bytes and Cyberpower

It's that time of year again

If you live in Drumheller or the surrounding areas, you have probably noticed your lights dimming, flickering, or even going out. Some of you may even have lost power entirely.

These issues are not just an inconvenience, they are a risk. Your favourite gadgets are packed full of very sensitive electronics that do not respond well to large changes in voltage.

(As I write this, the lights are flickering.)


How do I protect my shiny, shiny gadgets?

Well, you have a couple of options. you can purchase a Battery Backup or a Surge Protector.

And it is important to know the differences between them.


Let's start with surge protectors.

A surge protector is an extension bar which contains components to absorb power surges. These components are good for one to two surges before they burn out, but the power bar will continue to provide power to your devices, all while you think they are surge protected. All it takes is one good surge, and you're looking at an expensive repair bill.


Moving on to Battery Backups..

A battery backup combines the capabilities of a surge protector with an internal battery, an LCD readout screen, audible alarms, and software that can interface with a connected computer.

How does this help you?

Well, in a number of ways. When the surge protection components of a battery backup burn out, or the battery needs replacing, the unit will emit a piercing wail. This signals that it is time to replace it.

The battery inside a battery backup provides you a window in which to safely close down a computer in the event of a power outage. It also kicks in when your power dips, or when there is too much power flowing into your devices. 

And as for the software, it'll give you a full breakdown of how often your battery backup activated, what caused it to activate, and how long it was running for.


I know that mine protected my $2000 gaming computer from two power surges last night.


What would you prefer to invest in? Lasting protection and peace of mind, or a replacement gadget?

Battery backups are available in our store on 155 3rd Avenue West in Central Drumheller.


Merry Christmas!


Edited 23/12/15: You can find a followup on this post here. http://realitybytesinc.com/blog/entry/following-up-on-our-previous-post-protect-your-tech-with-reality-bytes-and-cyberpower-this-christmas

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