New Google Chrome Ad Blocker


 This week Google announced the release of their new ad blocking service for the chrome web browser. The new update affects both the desktop and mobile versions of the Google Chrome app, and is enabled by default so there's nothing you need to do to get it working.

You'll likely notice this message popping up over the next few days when you are browsing the web. Here is how it works.
Google has been working with an independent consortium called the CBA or Coalition for Better Ads. This group is made up of representatives from many of the tech giants such as Google and Facebook.
The CBA has come up with a guideline for online advertising called the "Better Ads Standards". These standards include pop ups, annoying auto play videos, or flashing animated images. If a website is displaying ads that do not conform to the "Better Ads Standards" the browser will now automatically block and hide the ads from displaying in your browser.
When Chrome blocks these ads you will see a message saying the content has been blocked due to failing the ads standards guidelines.
The whole goal here is to provide a much more pleasant web browsing experience for all of us, and to force the hand of advertisers to comply with a basic set of guidelines to make things less annoying and disruptive to internet users.
Google is playing with fire a bit here, as it's main revenue source IS online advertising, so they don't intend to block ALL online ads, only the ones that don't comply with their basic standards.
I think this is a great move in the right direction, however if you want to block ALL ads from displaying on a website you should check out a 3rd party ad blocker such as AdBlock Plus, which is touted to block up to 97% of all ads displayed on any website.

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