Is 2017 the year of Augmented Reality?

Is 2017 the year of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality had been around for a while, but it is getting much better as both the technology side of things improves, and developers come up with new and unique ways to use this tech.

Google is investing heavily into this space with the Google Tango platform.Google Tango is a combination of a few things combined to give augmented realty while inside a building.

First of all the phone or tablet needs to have two forward facing cameras, which allows Google Tango to see the world in 3D, as the two camera images work in combination just like our own eyes to produce a 3D image for the device.

Tango can then take this video feed and create a digital 3D map of your surroundings and memorize that, it will then pick up a few key landmarks so that the device knows where you are in the room or building.

Once Google Tango knows where you are, it can start acting like a window into the world of virtual reality.Things can be overlaid on top of the real world imagery, as if you are looking at an alternate reality of sorts.

The Home Improvement company Lowes is currently beta testing Google Tango is a few select stores.You'll be able to use a Tango enabled device to get directions to anything inside their store.You can put a shopping list of items into the app, and using the Tango technology it will walk you through the store taking you exactly to each item's location in the most optimized way possible, and finally walk you to the fastest checkout.

This is just one example of what Google Tango can be used for.I am excited to see what's in future for the area of Augmented Reality with many different companies now testing virtual reality and augmented reality systems in many different industries.

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