Facebook - New mandate, new directions!

June 23 2017.mp3

Some interested news this week from the world of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new direction and focus for Facebook, with a new mission statement as well stating "Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer."

One of the first steps Facebook is taking towards this goal of creating a sense of purpose for all is to push it's nearly 2 billion users towards using Facebook's group & community features. Facebook's Communities Summit for top group admins was held just yesterday and they unveiled some great tools for Facebook group management. Some of these new features include ways for admins to better manage groups, and keep their group on track. Facebook of late has been taking a bit of heat for perhaps aiding in skewing public opinion given it's powerful ability to spread messages and information so quickly. Also, there is growing evidence that spending a lot of time on the social network can actually lead to feelings of isolation, even depression, caused by the seemingly endless news feed. With these new changes the goal is to refocus Facebook users towards being more engaged in groups that create a sense of community and purpose. And, with the new tools in place, the admins for these groups will have to spend less time managing the groups as well.

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