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Does WiFi cause harm to our bodies?

This week on Reality Bytes Tech Talk we are going to discuss a topic that I have been researching a lot as of late, which is the effect of Wi-Fi and other radio signals on our body.
Radio signals are a small part of the energy system known scientifically as Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR for short.

EMR encompasses all energy that is released by an electromagnetic process.  What is interesting is that EMR is the science behind our voice communications, our radio, as well as our television, and also cellular phone, Wi-Fi signals, and satellite communications.  But also EMR is how we are able to see visible light, how we are able to cook food in a microwave, and how you are able to get a sun tan.

EMR is classified by wavelength.  Think a wave in ocean, or better still the ripple in a pond when you toss a rock into the water.  This same effect happens with EMR as it dissipates out from its’ source.  A wavelength is the physical measurement of that ripple.

On the one end of the spectrum, you have radio signals, everything from FM radio, to AM radio, cellular phone signals, Wi-Fi, and satellite communications.  As we move up the spectrum the wavelength gets shorter, and shorter and we eventually move out of the radio band, into infrared, and then visible light, that is, the light us humans can see with our eyes.  Beyond that we move into ultraviolet light and all the way up into x-rays and finally gamma rays.  ALL of these systems operate on the same scientific concept of Electromagnetic Radiation

When it comes to the effects of EMR on our bodies, EMR essentially has two distinct classifications, and those are ionizing, and non-ionizing.

Ionizing radiation is the stuff that can cause harm, and is very dangerous because the energy is so intense it will actually alter, or ionize the atoms in our body, and damage our DNA.  The worst offender here for most of us is the sun, which pumps out huge amounts of ionizing UV radiation that will cause a sunburn, and eventually skin cancer.

On the other hand, non-ionizing radiation is what makes up everything from radio waves, microwaves, visible light, all the way into the ultraviolet spectrum.

While each type of radio communications uses different frequencies or wavelengths, each with its own set of unique characteristics, they all are well within the realm of non-ionizing radiation, that is to say they do NOT possess the energy levels to alter, or ionize our body tissue.

The most common side effect of non-ionizing radiation is heat, which subsequently is exactly how your microwave oven works. 

There have been many, many studies over the years on the effects of radio signals. One of the more famous ones was published in the Oxford Journal of the National Cancer institute in 2006, and was revised again in 2011.  In a Danish study, over 400,000 regular cell phone users’ people were studied for a period of over 20 years, (starting in 1982, and ending in 2006) and their findings were that there were no adverse effects whatsoever.  For those of you interested in reading further I will include links to the Oxford study in my blog post on this topic at realitybytes.ca/blog
Today’s smartphones, and Wi-Fi enabled devices operate at much more efficient power levels as well, even further reducing the possibility of adverse effects on the human body.

So in my opinion, based on all the scientific research I can find, there is NO adverse effects from regular everyday radio frequencies, or any non-ionizing radiation on the human body. 

I guess my tin foil hat is no longer needed!

Link to Denmark Cancer Study on Cell Phone Usage

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