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Do you use Symantec or Norton Antivirus products? If so, you should read this ASAP.

Do you use Symantec or Norton Antivirus products?  If so, you should read this ASAP.

48 hours ago, a critical security vulnerability was located in Symantec's product suite. This flaw allows for an attacker to gain complete control of their target system. The biggest worry? This can be exploited on ALL PLATFORMS. Mac, Windows, and Linux are all exposed by this issue, and for Windows users, it only gets worse – attackers exploiting this will gain access to the system's Kernel.

How is this possible?

For those unaware of what the Kernel is – it is essentially the brain of your operating system. It's generally (and rightly) regarded as a bad idea to let people with malicious intent to have access to it.

Making matters even worse, due to the way Symantec's software works, the end user does not even have to DO anything to expose themselves. Once an infected email comes in, Symantec's software scans it, TRIGGERING THE PAYLOAD TO DEPLOY AUTOMATICALLY.

The silver lining to this is that Symantec has deployed a patch to this issue pretty quickly. If your Anti Virus suite uses the Live Update service, we recommend you run this IMMEDIATELY.

If your anti virus is not set to automatically update, we recommend you run your updates as soon as you possibly can.

Products affected: (From source)

* Symantec Endpoint Antivirus (All platforms)

* Norton Antivirus (All platforms)

* Symantec Scan Engine (All platforms)

* Symantec Email Security (All platforms)

* ..and probably all other Symantec Antivirus products

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