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Cota - Wireless Power is HERE!

Cota - Wireless Power is HERE!
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Imagine a world where you never need to plug in and charge your smartphone again.Or one where you can actually wear your smartwatch 24 7 because it is always charged up.This dream is now very close to reality using a technology invented by Ossia Cota.

Ossia has invented a wireless charging technology, called "Cota".This charging system was just given final approval from the FCC in December allowing them to start mass production.The charging system is a combination of a charging transmitter, a chip in your device or gadget, and special software that controls the whole system.The transmitter can be hidden in your walls, or ceiling tiles, or there are stand alone base units that plug into a standard power outlet. The base units are then paired with a chip in the device or special charging case for devices without the chip.The whole thing is controlled by Ossia's cloud based technology that will intelligently allow certain devices to charge with the ability to block unknown devices from stealing power, and prioritizing high power usage devices over other low power requirement devices.

The technology goes WAY beyond just charging your phone too.Imagine smoke alarms, smart appliances, smart home cameras that need no cabling, watches that charge on your wrist, medical devices inside or outside your body, or even AA batteries that self charge, all recharging through the Ossia Cota system.Devices could also communicate back to the Ossia Cloud system, allowing for businesses to charge for wireless power by the minute if they so desire.

Ossia is very busy working with manufacturing partners to ensure their charging chip will be in the latest gadgets and devices, and with the FCC giving the green light on the regulatory side of things, we should finally see real wireless charging within the next year.

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