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Beware of FAKE News when surfing the web

Beware of FAKE News when surfing the web

So often these days we are caught accidentally sharing information that could be totally fake, or misleading.  This is because a TON of new websites have cropped up recently that are what is known as "Click Bait" type news sites.  Essentially these are websites that look fairly normal, but will have a sensational news heading and/or news story that is designed to go viral and create a lot of traffic to the site.


Simple Answer - MONEY!

Click bait news sites generate anywhere from $10,000 - $40,000 per article if the news story goes viral on social media.  The income is generated not from the story itself, but from all the advertising surrounding the news story on the website.  Advertising programs such as Google Adsense allow website owners to get paid with every delivery of a banner ad, and when HUGE traffic is generated (in the millions of hits to the site) the ad revenue builds up to a substantial amount of money.

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One handy little tool is a Google Chrome browser extension called "B.S. Detector"

You can download it here:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bs-detector/dlcgkekjiopopabcifhebmphmfmdbjod

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