A sober look at the Android "Stagefright" exploit that is causing panic amongst android users




This morning, fans that follow news about the popular Android Operating System will be waking up to the bombshell that is the "StageFright" exploit. Here's a link to a short article about it, without hysterical titles and scary numbers.


 Excerpts from the article:

"...the researcher who discovered this flaw in Stagefright "does not believe that hackers out in the wild are exploiting it."

"..the gist is that malware theoretically could be embedded in a video file. And that video file could then be sent via MMS (text message) to your phone."

"it's a potential avenue for exploit that apparently has been around since Android 2.2 — or basically the past five years."


Quick Conclusions

So take it as you will, a billion phone nightmare that will lead to untold amounts of data being exploited and stolen, or something that's been around for a number of years that will probably be fixed pretty fast now that it's in the limelight.