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5G is Here! 1000Mbps speed on your SmartPhone

5G is Here!  1000Mbps speed on your SmartPhone
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5G wireless technology is here!! So what does that mean for you and your gadgets? 

5G is short for the 5th generation of mobile network technology and we're now starting to see a few of the big US carriers adopt 5G technology. 5G promises a huge leap in speeds over LTE, what we call 4G technology. The system is capable of speeds up to 1 gigabit, or 1000 mbit per second. This speed is achieved two ways… the first is by increasing the width of the existing frequency, up to 40 MHz in some cases, and second, is using MIMO technology which short for multiple in, multiple out. This technology has been used by WiFi systems now for quite some time and is very effective at increasing speeds and stability. If real world testing does prove these speed estimates to be accurate we will see a whole new world of apps and technology that take advantage of this massive jump in performance. 

So, when will we see it here in Canada? 

Well, I would imagine the Canadian carriers will start testing it this year, and we'll likely see a roll out somewhere around 2020. 

The other side of this equation is the device you have. Currently no smartphones support 5G, so a whole new generation of devices that has the chips and antennas to support 5G need to be developed and rolled out. This will take several years to accomplish, so the timing should be just right for when the carriers upgrade their networks.

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